Top Ten Things To Do While Waiting For A Shuttle Or Bus:

  1. Try to resist the overwhelming urge to touch the nearby fence by chanting to yourself "I do not want to be shot... I do not want to be shot..."

  2. Count how many buses pass you by (requires calculator).

  3. Come up with other definitions for the acronym ACOG.

  4. Play "Spot the European".

  5. Every two minutes ask the ACOG volunteer "When's the bus coming? When's the bus coming?"

  6. Casually remark to others around you "I sure will be glad when this Freanik thing is over."

  7. Make up ACOG drinking games... "See a tram, take a drink."

  8. Make Top Ten lists.

  9. When someone asks you if you've seen an athlete yet, reply "Seen one? I've already slept with several..."

    ... and the number one thing to do when waiting for a shuttle or bus:

  10. Give up and walk!

Author(s): Alan Arrowsmith and Jamie Players