Other Definitions for the ACOG Acronym

  1. Always Carry Other Garments

  2. Anti- Christians Overthrow Gentiles

  3. Atlanta Clogged with Olympic Gridlock

  4. Athletic Czechoslovakians Ogle Girls

  5. Amish Chefs Overcook Grits

  6. Arms Clear Out Guerillas

  7. Apple Covers Olympic Games

  8. Atlantans Chase Out Guests

  9. Ain't Countrified Olympics Grand?

  10. Androgynous Competitors Overlook Gender

  11. Atlantans Can Obviously Gripe

  12. Americans Chastise Octo Genarians

  13. Ancient Competitions Overwhelmed by Greed

  14. Aliens Claim Olympic Gold

Author(s): Aladdin Arrowstood and Angel Soothsayer