Top ten excuses for being late biking to work (in the Village)

  1. Couldn't hold on to the bumper any longer.

  2. Got a leg cramp and personal trainer left town for the olympics.

  3. Got kicked out of my apartment for the olympics and had to bike in from Woodstock.

  4. Had to ride 20 minutes to get the full cardiovascular benefit.

  5. All the fence gates look alike.

  6. Flat tire from one of the 10,000 olympic construction areas.

  7. Bike was too heavy and ACOG security thought there was a bomb in it.

  8. Stuck behind a MARTA bus.

  9. Had to wait in line at the one men's room to change clothes.

  10. Detained by ACOG security for looking too young to be a staff member.

Author(s): John Bell, et al.