Top Ten Misrepresentations and Rumors of the Olympics

  1. There'll be traffic gridlock 17 hours a day in Atlanta.

  2. Demi and Bruce are going to stop by tomorrow at (insert name of your favorite strip club).

  3. Use your Visa cash cards all over Atlanta...

  4. Yes, as the official Atlanta 1996 mascot, you'll have a major role in the Opening Ceremonies.

  5. You'll have thousands of people buying stuff at your street vendor stand.

  6. Yes, if you agree to spend millions of dollars to chrome plate these pickups, you can leave the GM logo on the tailgate.

  7. I don't see any problem having onion rings on a Varsity pin.

  8. President Clinton is going to jam with the Blues Brothers tonight.

  9. There'll be another train in 3 or 4 minutes.

  10. Sure, I know the route to the venue...

Author(s): Tom Mills