Top Ten Things To Do With the Olympic Village after the Olympics if ACOG Doesn't Restore It:

  1. Raise cattle... it's already got the fences.

  2. Make it a prison... it's got the security guards.

  3. Use it for a circus... it's got the tents.

  4. Turn it into a water park with one hell of a high dive.

  5. Mine it for bricks.

  6. Make it the midtown branch of Six Flags... the overpriced vending machines are already in place.

  7. Open up a BMW/GMC dealership.

  8. Install a nuclear reactor.

  9. Build an Atlanta Walt Disney park (the trams are here already).

    ... and the number one thing to do with an unrestored Olympic Village ...

  10. Make it a College Campus!

Author(s): Eloise Pencilbirthing, Axel Arrowblood and Obi Wan Jacoby