Thanks! (credits)

The View Staff:
Adam Arrowood, Amy Ayers, Mike Estler

Other Picture Takers:
Eric Buckhalt, Andy Shelley, Ben Hall

Spelling and Editorial Copy:
Denise Kisselburg, OIT Resource Management. (me) "They're not spelling errors, they're typos...". Other picky spellers/editors include Rob Dodge Jr. and my mother.

Micheal Mealling, Andy Shelley, Robert Toledano

Thanks to Mike Zillion for his cool freeware "Enya" font.


    All shots up until the games began, were taken by a Cannon RC470 still video camera. As far as digital cameras go, it takes pretty crappy pictures, but hey, it's old. I could offer full size shots of these pictures, but right now, you wouldn't want to see them. The video floppy disks are cool and convenient, however.

    Thanks to Vicky Anderson of OIT's ETRC for loaning me the Canon and video disk drive.

    Shortly before the games began, the rechargable battery for the Canon began to really die (so much that I can barely take 25 pictures with it before a recharge is needed). So, I went on a hunt for someone, anyone, to donate equipment for the View. Canon and Kodak payed no attention to my desparate pleas, but thanks really goes out to Keelin Byrne of Casio for loaning me two cameras: Not only are these cool cameras, but they are great conversation starters. They hold a *lot* of shots and are pretty small and portable... I don't know if the View would have been able to continue without the Keelin and Casio's help.

    Amy Ayers shoots analog on a Maxxum 5000i. Just in case someone from Minolta sees these pages, Amy mentions that if you guys can send her a RD-175 to use, she'd be overjoyed.

    Andy Shelley took his shots with a 3xi.

    Ben Hall took his shots with a QuickTake 100 from Apple. QuickTakes are handy and cool, but they hold so few pictures (causing a need to carry a PowerBook too).

Thanks to all the email in support of this "project" and for all the mail suggesting places to photograph.