View Spew 2.1

Photo: Mike Estler

Originally when Mike and I sat down and were talking about captions for Spew 2.1, I was on the verge of calling it View Rant 1.0 and filling this episode with biting comments about how angry we, the View staff, are over the Olympics (in particular, our campus being the Olympic Village). But, having waited to actually type the captions until after the bombing in the park happened, I find myself a bit lacking in venom. Besides, I now know that it is more accurate to say that we are tired of working in the Village and, in some ways, can't wait until this is over. And, to be even more accurate, we'll be happy just to have our campus back and to be treated like real people and not pariahs.

For example, as we were making our way back from the International Zone, up the Library steps, we passed two young ACOG volunteers passing out pamphlets and the daily Village paper to all that were walking by. Wanting a copy of The Olympian, I wandered over and stuck out my hand. Instead of handing me a paper, the girl that was handing out The Olympian saw my badge (i.e. that I was a Tech employee), put her stack of papers behind her and simply laughed at me; she didn't say a single word, she just laughed. I shook my head at this unbelievable encounter and continued up the steps.

In my experience as a Georgia Tech employee working in the Olympic Village, ACOG, and the majority of ACOG volunteers, have taken a malevolent attitude towards Tech employees (see: tram-banning, the Hootie Insult, shutting down other Tech Village WWW sites); coming up on two months of this, my patience and temper are wearing a bit thin. So, that's what I mean when I say "man, will I be glad when this is over."

Adam Arrowood