Boxing Venue Blues (a song)

    Can't get to my office
    No matter what I say
    "Your badge is no good here"
    "But it was good here yesterday!"

    I can't believe this
    There's ten guards here
    And no one knows what's right
    Why do I try so hard to get in there?
    I might have to stay all night!

    I've got to tell you
    No one in this venue gets the news
    We've all been cut off from campus
    That's why I've got...
    ...Boxing Venue Blues

    I've got voice mail, e-mail
    I'm parking in Timbuktu
    Tell me now honestly
    Wouldn't this be getting to you?

    No one can get to our building
    But we're supposed to say
    "Everything's business as usual"
    Where does this bus go anyway?

      I've got voice mail, e-mail
      A modem, a cellular phone
      Will somebody please explain to me
      Why I just can't work at home?

    I can't believe this,
    Another new fence is in my way
    I hear the Village is short of Tech people
    Did you see Adam's website today?

    I've got to ask you
    Will somebody please get a clue?
    I can't get my work done
    As long as there's...
    ...Boxing Venue Blues

    Oh, yeah

Copyright 1996, Jan Price, Lyon & Tyger Music