Olympic Hand Scan Ladder

Background Info:
When you enter the Village Secure Zone, you have to pass through a security tent to have your hand geometry checked against your badge. When you are successful in your scan, a message on the LED of the scanner flashes an "ID verified" message and it also displays a number below the message. We've been told by some semi-reliable sources that this number is how close your hand matched your profile stored in the computer (the lower the number, the closer the match). So, we've decided to keep a Hand Scan Ladder. Each time you scan your hand, pay attention to the number and if you are low enough to make the top ten, email us and we'll add you to the list.

The contestants were also told:
Remember, be honest about your score. After all, your mother is probably reading this. Ok, well, at least my mother is (so don't make her think I work with a bunch of liars).

Well, the final results are in (drumroll, please)...

The winner of the best hand score is:
Sonny Munfort of OIT/ES with a score of 5!

Final Standings
Rank Name Department Score
1 Sonny Munfort OIT/EIS 5
2 Adam Arrowood OIT/NS 9
2 (tie) Julie Clabby IRP 9
2 (tie) Anne Balsamo LCC 9
5 Carol Jones COE 10
6 Viki Selfridge Alumni Assoc. 11
7 Gordon Wishon OIT 12
8 Vincent Fox COE 13
9 Mike Estler OIT/NS Coops 14
9 (tie) Marshall Herington CE 14
9 (tie) Shane Stone ME Grad 14

And the winner for the highest score is:
Peggy Justice of IRP with a score of 200!

Thanks to everyone who entered, we had a great time with the contest (and we hope you did too!).