Addendum to Olympic Village Prohibited Items List (July 11, 1996):

    Currency (except for ACLOG cash)- all U.S. and foreign currency is prohibited from the Olympic Village effective immediately. Currency may be exchanged for ACLOG cash at the new booths set up in at the main entry control points (next to the porta-potties for your convenience). The exchange rate will be $1 in ACLOG cash for $2 U.S., plus a 25% service charge. An additional 25% service charge will be applied for converting foreign currency to U.S. dollars.

    Please note that ACLOG cash remains the property of ACLOG and as such is non-transferable and revocable at any time at ACLOG's sole discretion. ACLOG cash may not be removed from the Olympic village, and the holder assumes all risks pertaining to its use. Unauthorized use will result in the user becoming the property of ACLOG and being forced to work for the rest of his or her natural life in the ACLOG security badge mines under Mount Olympia. Persons holding ACLOG cash are not permitted to make any commercial use of it whatsoever, and the holder grants ACLOG exclusive rights rights to the holder and his or her immediate family. Holder may not not leave the Olympic Village without the express written approval of ACLOG. If found, please return to:

    270 Peachtree St.
    Atlanta, GA 30303

Author: John Cronin