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Other things I have to say about View from the Village:
Some of what I originally wanted to write in this section has already been penned by Mike Godwin in this July's WIRED magazine (ppg. 101-102). Mike's essay addresses the media's dislike of the Net. Mike points out that

"My point is that the Net ends the monopolies the power elite have long held in defining public debate. That same leveling is occurring in the playing fields of journalism, thanks to the Net...

... Instead, everday Americans are starting down a trail blazed by traditional journalism.

... And the line between professional journalists and the rest of us will be blurred, perhaps erased.

Mike makes some points that I definitely agree on, but perhaps my take on it, at least my role in it all, shouldn't come off as grandiose as that.

View from the Village began simply as an idea... "Hey, I'll be coming in everyday, we've got the digital camera... hmm". In the tradition of Jerque du Jour and Micheal and Amy's "A08 Hell", the View was born. Originally I planned just to take the camera out with me every day at lunch and get a single snapshot (thinking that since I'm working in the VSZ, I'm bound to run into someone famous and/or interesting). However, soon after Spring Quarter graduation, things really began to change around campus. My co-workers and I were amazed at all the changes going on around campus. Fearing that I wouldn't get a chance to see all the new "stuff" around campus once lockdown began on July 1, I grabbed the camera and began shooting.

Once I got the first shots back and ready to post, I realized that I'd have to type up an explanation/caption for each shot. However, captions have a strange way of turning into jokes, jabs, and commentary, and for me that has ended up the biggest challenge of all: how to do it right. I am trying to avoid simply slamming on ACOG and thus coming off bitter and resentful of the Games (ala Suck's daily bread); at the same time, I do not work for ACOG, I'm not an Olympic sponsor or site, and gosh darn it, I'll call 'em like I see 'um.

Now, with the Olympics almost upon us, and myself buried under real work, View sits at a cross-roads: what to do next. I'm nearly out of places to shoot, not much has changed in the past few days, and it's getting harder to get around campus (much less, around town). What I'd like to see happen is for View to actually become what I originally intended: pictures of people, interviews with athletes and ACOG volunteers, as well as pictures and stories that show what it's like to work in this amazing place. My schedule is pretty booked until the Games actually start, and I'm not sure just how much of what I want to do I will be allowed to do (I expect any day to get that call from External Affairs or ACOG telling me to pull the plug). I'm also going to be working part time for Apple during the Games, helping out with their webcast of the Olympics. What that (and the press pass I hope to get) will do for the View, I'm not sure. Whatever happens, I'll try to keep something coming your way (if nothing else to have something to talk about with my friends...).

Oh, and if there's anyone on campus that wants to help out (take the camera out, take a few shots; contribute some humor or top 10 list) please feel free. I definitely could use the help. Also, thanks to everyone that has been sending in suggestions for places to photograph; keep 'em coming.

- Adam A